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Trash Xpress is fully insured—family-owned and operated. We’re proud to serve multi-family residences, complexes and communities throughout Metropolitan Houston with valet doorstep trash and recycling collection services. We also feature common area and dog park cleanup. 

With our geo-tracking app, property managers have the ease and convenience of accessing detailed reports of our porters’ arrivals and departures. Each record contains photos as well as service notes and observations for complete transparency and guaranteed service delivery.

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Doorstep Waste Pickup

Our team of background-checked uniformed porters deliver safe, meticulous, and reliable doorstep trash collection five days a week.

Recycling Pickup

We promote environmental sustainability with a 5-day-per-week doorstep pickup of paper, plastic, glass, and metal recyclables. See our recycling guide.

Common Area Pickup

We clean and sanitize common areas to keep your grounds in outstanding condition for years of resident satisfaction.

Dog Park Service Pickup

Dog parks and runs remain pristine with regular pet-friendly sanitation, waste disposal station maintenance, and receptacle collection services.


Why Choose Us?

Our knowledgeable valet doorstep collection crew is committed to providing eco-friendly luxury and convenience that benefits property managers, residents and the greater community. Our doorstep waste and recycling collection delivers:


Turnkey collection with no additional staff duties


Geotracking to monitor and ensure thorough service


 A new revenue stream with no upfront costs


 Enhanced property aesthetics and curb appeal


An attractive amenity for prospective residents


 Improved maintenance efficiency


Increased community safety


Invaluable support for family and senior living

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Free Valet Trash Quote For Your Property

Interested in a valet trash quote for your multifamily property? Let Trash Xpress Valet provide you with a free quote! Just tell us about your property and our team does the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often and when is trash collected from residents?

We collect trash from residents 5 days a week Sunday – Thursday. Collection starts promptly at 8 PM.


Can residents opt out of valet trash service?

No. Individual residents cannot cancel their valet trash service because it is normally included in their lease or rental agreement.


Do residents need to provide their own trash cans and bags?

Trash Xpress Valet provides trash cans for every unit. However, Trash Xpress Valet does not provide trash bags.


Do residents like having a valet trash service?

Yes! According to recent polls, valet trash is a desirable amenity that is attractive to both residents and property managers.


Who actually collects the trash once residents put it outside?

Trash Xpress hires clean cut, background checked, uniformed employees who treat properties and residents with respect.


Does Trash Xpress Valet provide recycling options?

Yes, Trash Xpress Valet provides recycling options. In almost every scenario, our recycling services operate identically to trash services. Recyclables are placed in designated cans and collected during the normal trash collection windows.


How Will Trash Xpress Valet Increase Net Operating Income?

Valet trash service increases net operating income by monetizing a property’s trash collection. Property managers pay the valet trash company a fixed price per unit. Then the property manager’s charge residents an increased rate for valet trash service. This creates direct free cash flow that increases a property’s net operating income.

Furthermore, valet trash can increase net operating by decreasing property maintenance costs and helping lease more units.

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